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Tay cầm quay phim Yelangu steadicam S800 pro Carbon fibre

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Giới thiệu:

Top Grade High Quality Carbon Fiber 70 CM Adjustable Handle DSLR Professional Digital SLR Camera Stabilizer
This stable is a stable video system designed to reduce camera shake and video stabilization on camcorders and camcorders. The powerful and high capacity-flexibility allows all the turns to stabilize. It can be widely used on all types of professional camcorders, SLRs, DSLR cameras and DVs and so on.
1. Open design of the panel, can be adjusted around, quick installation or removal of the camera. 
2. Number of screw holes on the panel, each position can be used to fix the camera, easy to adjust the balance. 
3. Anti-skid pads on the panel, the unique dexterity, Non-slip effect is significant. 
4. Sophisticated design, with perfect dynamic balance adjustment capability. Can adjust the gimbal up and down, keeping the camera balanced. 360 degree horizontal and vertical rotation optional 
5. Fine workmanship, superior damping effect. Straight weight carbon fiber material, feel good, weight is also a lot lighter than aluminum, greatly reducing the load of the shooting
6. Can be used with professional vest, mechanical arm, more professional to operate and more convenient to photograph. 
With a bag, easy to carry.

Carbon fiber pipe features:
1, high tensile strength: carbon fiber strength is 6-12 times more than steel, can reach more than 3000mpa. 
2, the density of small, light weight. Density is just 1/4 of steel.
Note: There are two carbon fiber tubes, so the parameters of 1.5 means that part of the good diameter, 2 cm thick Flanagan is the diameter. Also known as carbon fiber carbon nano tubes and carbon fiber tubing, carbon fiber composite material is a pre-drenched styrene-based polyester resin cured by heating the pultruded (coated scratch) fabric. In the molding process, different molds can produce a wide range of profiles, such as: different specifications of carbon fiber tube, different specifications of pipe, different specifications Artwork, and other profiles: in the production process can also package 3K made of the surface of the mesquite landscape package, etc.
Specifications :
Pattern: S800 
color: black 
body stripe and rod material: carbon fiber 
material processing: Sponge 
N weight 1.2 kg 
max height 80 cm 
Min height 40 cm 
load bearing: 0-5 kg 

package : 
1 * S800 Handheld stability
1 * bag 
1 * installation CD
Note: camera not included

product details show

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